Part of the recipe for success!

     Nova Prof Distribution is a Romanian private company, founded in 2003, whose main activity is the distribution of raw materials, ingredients, packaging and accessories for bakeries, confectioneries, patisserie, gelateria (ice-cream shops) and other segments.

As a result of more than 15 years experience, Nova Prof now serves over 500 clients in Romania and represents over 50 suppliers, manufacturers and importers internal and external.

Our vision aims potentiating customer success by providing innovative solutions, personalized by the competency and performance orientation of the Nova Prof Team.

        Our values ​​are:

1. Passion- We are passionate about our work, our products, we provide solutions and we constantly develop them, and we desire to share this passion with all those with whom and for whom we work.

2. Performance-We want to be getting better and consistently act in this direction.

3. Innovation- is what binds us to our partners, manufacturers of ingredients, and the worldwide reference in terms of product innovation. Innovation is not reported only to the products but also to the way we want to do our work and to the way we realize it .