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PreGel Traditional Pastes are high-quality flavorings that are added to gelato bases and help give the right consistency to gelato. PreGel ?s Traditional Paste line boasts a vast array of flavors for satisfying many palates. New flavors are continuously added to the line as PreGel stays on top of the current trends in the industry. These products can also be used in pastry for cakes, semifreddo, etc.

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A gluten-free, versatile paste reminiscent of the classic Italian dessert made with milk and cream.<br />


A gluten-free pistachio paste with an intense flavor and vibrant green color.<br />

Pistachio Cream

A gluten-free, authentic paste containing 100% pistachio paste, colored only with no-azo colorants which creates an intense green-colored gelato, but with a genuine taste.<br />

Pure Green Primavera Pistachio

A gluten-free, concentrated Paste with a pistachio flavor and a vivid green color.<br />

Pistachio Reale Fine

A gluten-free, concentrated pistachio paste enriched with irresistible crunchy pieces.<br />

Pistachio Reale Granulated

A gluten-free, concentrated paste with the intense flavor of the best pistachios and free of artificial colorants.<br />

Pure Green Pistachio

A gluten-free paste that boasts the intense flavor of the best Sicilian pistachios.<br />

Pure Pistachio

A gluten-free paste that boasts the flavor of slightly salted American peanuts, complete with real peanut pieces and has proved to be a bestseller in Italy and abroad.<br />

Salty Peanut

A traditional cocoa and hazelnuts flavor complete with pieces of hazelnuts.<br />

Tartufo Al Bacio

A gluten-free paste that is the perfect mix of coffee and mascarpone cream and boasts a slight rum flavor, recreating the taste of the famous Italian dessert.<br />


A gluten-free, alcohol-free paste that offers a more delicate version of the Tiramisu paste but with the same blend of coffee and mascarpone. This paste is great for gelato and pastry, especially semifreddo.<br />

Tiramisu' Venetiano

A gluten-free paste that offers the unmistakable flavor of the traditional Christmas dessert, a mix of almonds, honey and hazelnuts.<br />

Torrone (Honney & Almond)
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