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PreGel Traditional Pastes are high-quality flavorings that are added to gelato bases and help give the right consistency to gelato. PreGel ?s Traditional Paste line boasts a vast array of flavors for satisfying many palates. New flavors are continuously added to the line as PreGel stays on top of the current trends in the industry. These products can also be used in pastry for cakes, semifreddo, etc.

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A gluten-free, concentrated paste for obtaining chocolate-hazelnut gelato that contains authentic hazelnut pieces.<br />

Gianduito Rock

A gluten-free paste that boasts the classic flavor of raisins infused in a liquorish Malaga wine.<br />


A gluten-free paste that recreates the chocolate and marzipan flavors of the most popular Austrian chocolate, Mozart.<br />

Amadeus Dream

A gluten-free, concentrated paste created from the best chocolate and hazelnuts and boasts a delicious flavor that is a winner for all.<br />

Chocolate Hazelnut

A gluten-free, exotic paste that boasts the sweet and delicate flavor of coconut, perfect for enjoying all year-long.<br />


A gluten-free, concentrated paste for creating a refreshing mint-flavored gelato with a vibrant green color.<br />


A gluten-free paste, perfect for preparing gelato with the authentic flavor and aroma of roasted almonds.<br />

Roasted Almond

A gluten-free, high-quality paste that represents the very best flavor and aroma of white chocolate.<br />

White Chocolate

A gluten-free paste with the authentic flavor of vanilla mixed with citrus notes, reminiscent of old-fashioned gelato.<br />

Oro d'Oro

A gluten-free paste that boasts the flavor of homemade egg cream with an intense yellow color and rich flavor.<br />

Crema All'Uovo

A gluten-free, pure hazelnut paste that boasts the sweet and delicate flavor of the best hazelnuts combined with a light roast flavor.<br />

Hazelnut P. Fine

A gluten-free paste created from premium hazelnuts of the Piemonte region that represents the flavor of slightly roasted Italian hazelnuts.<br />

Pgi. Piedmond Hazelnut
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