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PreGel Traditional Pastes are high-quality flavorings that are added to gelato bases and help give the right consistency to gelato. PreGel ?s Traditional Paste line boasts a vast array of flavors for satisfying many palates. New flavors are continuously added to the line as PreGel stays on top of the current trends in the industry. These products can also be used in pastry for cakes, semifreddo, etc.

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A gluten-free paste with all the flavor and aroma of a freshly made espresso.

Coffee Moka Concentrato

A gluten-free paste with a strong flavor reminiscent of the Irish tradition, coffee laced with whiskey.

Irish Coffee

A paste with a light aroma of cinnamon, reminiscent of the famous Spanish spoon dessert, Catalana Cream.

Crema Catalana

A gluten-free paste for preparing gelato with a classic, Italian mascarpone flavor which is best known for preparing Tiramis├╣.

Mascarpone Cream

A gluten-free paste with a classic nut flavor, created with real nut pieces.<br />

Crema Walnut

A gluten-free paste that boasts a nice toffee flavor<br />

Caramao Mou

A gluten-free paste with a sweet flavor and nice amber color that is characterized by the bitter aftertaste of caramel.<br />


A gluten-free paste that boasts the classic flavor and aroma of toffee and caramel, creating a creamy and sweet gelato that is a favorite of children and adults alike.<br />

Caramellatte Concentrated

A gluten-free paste reminscent of the Sicilian dessert, created with sweet ricotta and candied fruit.<br />

Cassata Siciliana

A gluten-free paste that boasts the flavor of Italian cookies with almond and hazelnut pieces, also great for using as a decoration.<br />


A traditional paste with a crunchy cookie flavor and a pleasant touch of rum.<br />


A gluten-free paste created with the most famous chocolate of Piemonte, boasting an irresistable flavor of cocoa and hazelnuts.<br />

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