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PreGel Traditional Pastes are high-quality flavorings that are added to gelato bases and help give the right consistency to gelato. PreGel ?s Traditional Paste line boasts a vast array of flavors for satisfying many palates. New flavors are continuously added to the line as PreGel stays on top of the current trends in the industry. These products can also be used in pastry for cakes, semifreddo, etc.

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Amaretto Traditional Paste boasts the unmistakable flavor of the traditional Italian cookie and also resembles the flavor of the famous drink: Amaro di Saronno.


A classic paste reminscent of homemade shortbread cookies that gives gelato a rich and delicious flavor.


A gluten-free paste with a vibrant color and flavor reminiscent of the popular chewing gum flavor, perfect for young clientele.

Bubble Gum

A gluten-free, sugar-free paste with a rich chocolate flavor, perfect for creating high-quality, cold process chocolate gelato.

Cacaopat - Sugar Free

A gluten-free paste reminiscent of a classic bonbon filled with rum that boasts an intense flavor and aroma of rum, but does not actually contain alcohol.


A gluten-free, dark-colored paste that boasts the unique flavor of dark Gianduia.

La Cubanera

A gluten-free paste that is great for hot or cold process and boasts a delicious flavor of the very best chocolate


A gluten-free, creamy paste ideal for kids because of its vibrant blue color and banana flavor. It is delicious if served alone or topped with chocolate candies.

Blue Angel

A gluten-free, pure paste with an authentic flavor reminiscent of freshly roasted peanuts.


A gluten-free paste, perfect for obtaining a coffee gelato with the intense flavor of espresso

Coffee Cream

A gluten-free paste that represents one of the most symbolic drinks of Italy, perfectly blending the bold coffee flavor with a creamy milk taste.

Cappuccino - Latte Macchiato

A gluten-free paste created from premium coffee from Africa, obtaining an intense coffee-flavored gelato with the aroma of fresh roasted coffee.

Coffee Costa D'oro
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